This foundation was inspired by the many different things that our mother and family dealt with mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially during her 30 year battle with cancer.  All of the services provided by AKIN 2 live are inspired by things that people do not consider until they are living with the disease.  This foundation was created to help people who have cancer find the reason they ache to live and help them live that way.

Jann Whittaker-Akin was diagnosed with a BRCA gene mutation and fought cancer 5 times over 30 years, passing away in July 2008.  AKIN 2 live was started in March 2009 by Jann’s two living daughters. Both are married now.  Jami DeBusk was her oldest daughter, and Jordan Gruenberg was her youngest daughter.  The middle child was Jaycee.  She died in January 1987 of a brain tumor.  Doctors believe that she also had the BRCA Gene.

Jami is married to Ronald DeBusk and they have two children together.  Trey and Aden are only 14 months apart along with her baby girl LaneLea.  Jami enjoys being with all of her family.

Jordan is married to Brock Gruenberg and she is a home-based counselor for Oaktree Counseling Services.  She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and is certified for other assessments.  Jordan enjoys being with all of her family, playing or watching softball, going to the lake when possible, and playing with her nephews and daughter Kaylynn which was named after Jann and Jaycee’s middle names.

We thank you for your interest in our foundation and hope that we can help you or somebody you know and love.  If you want to volunteer or donate, go to our homepage or contact us directly with any questions.